Aug 27, 2004

We're fighting for Christ, not oil -- Lt. Gen. Boykin

Lt. Gen. William Boykin did indeed preach his grossly offensive gospel at 23 churches, pronouncing Satan the mastermind of the terrorists because "he wants to destroy us as a Christian army," the Pentagon just concluded.
By the way, is the position of US Ambassador to The Vatican supported by US taxpayers?

Aug 25, 2004

Why Halliburton stinks

Cheney's former company is now suspected by the Army of ripping the government off, assured it will receive cover from Cheney, now US Vice President. Could be, or maybe not. But a free market should not even be in the position to pose the question. The Cheney/Halliburton machine is evidence that the best business plan is a link to the executive office. Fine; but NOW can we qualify campaign contributions as marketing/R&D/business processes?

Aug 10, 2004

Men from boys

Do American freemarket social engineers really trust the markets to "do right?"

If so, then they'll bless the Chinese for naively thinking that they can conduct trade in Africa "With No Political Baggage," whilst remaining confident this will lead to increased African social freedoms.

But if China is strung out to dry for trading amorally, as this article implies, then the Great American Economy" is revealed not as a Capitalist Tool but as one of Moral Imperialism.

I trust the markets, unfettered.